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Amazon to Kenya: How to Shop on Amazon and Ship to Kenya | Savo Store

Shopping on Amazon and shipping to Kenya is a great way to source goods that you can’t find anywhere locally. However, the process can be difficult, with many vendors that don’t ship outside of the United States, and you may have difficulties using your preferred method of payment. Savo Store can assist you in purchasing from Amazon and other vendors, as well as consolidating your packages. We ship your items directly to you, or you can pick them up at no extra charge from our centrally located warehouse. 

Why Shop on Amazon?

Amazon is a trusted vendor of a huge amount of products, and they have many retailers who use the platform called Amazon Sellers. These sellers must abide by the rules set forth by Amazon, and so they are held to the same high level of standards as other products on the site. 

Amazon also has amazing customer service, and often you can find products for much less than what you can get them for locally in Kenya. While Amazon has extremely fast shipping within the United States, getting products to Kenya can be a bit tricky. Often, vendors don’t allow for international shipping, and you may find that some items you want are prohibited from being shipped to Kenya.

Savo Store is able to assist you in finding and purchasing what you want from Amazon, and since we have a United States shipping address, you are not restricted by products that cannot be shipped internationally by the vendor.

We are able to make sure that none of the products you selected are prohibited by the laws and regulations in Kenya, and we consolidate, pack and ship your order so that the customs process is simplified. With real-time updates on your order, you will know right away when your package arrives.

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Common products that our customers ship from Amazon to Kenya

Common products that our customers love to buy from Amazon to ship to Kenya include many types of electronics, such as cell phones, computers and laptops, digital cameras, lighting equipment, and video games. These items are often much less expensive to purchase through Amazon, even after you factor in the cost of shipping. Be sure to double check and make sure the electronics you choose will work with the higher voltage in Kenya. You may need to purchase a voltage transformer or adaptor in order to be able to use your items.

Home goods are also a popular choice among our customers who ship from Amazon to Kenya. You can choose decorative items, kitchen equipment and small appliances, linens and bedding, curtains and decor, and even furniture!

Clothing and shoes can be found from all of your favorite brands on Amazon, and in any size you may need. You can find all of the latest fashions at affordable prices, as well as accessories such as sunglasses, watches, handbags, and jewelry. While we do not have restrictions on new clothing, bulk/commercial shipments of used clothing and shoes, as well as tactical clothing, military or police clothing, boots or related gear are all prohibited. If you are unsure if your desired clothing item would be considered “tactical,” please contact us so we can assist you.

Similarly, makeup, cosmetics, and other beauty products are often purchased from Amazon and sent to Kenya. These lightweight products are easy to ship by air and can arrive in as little as 7 to 14 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot ship hair dye, nail polish or nail glue. If you are planning on purchasing perfume or cologne, body mists, aftershave, or body spray, we are able to do so on the last Wednesday of every month. The products must be authentic as we cannot ship any products that are counterfeit or of questionable quality. Each bottle must be new and factory sealed. We are unable to ship any perfumes whose quality and origin we cannot easily verify. See our list of prohibited and restricted items here.

If you or a friend or relative is getting married, buying wedding products from Amazon and shipping to Kenya is extremely popular. From favors to decorations, and even wedding dresses and cake baking supplies, you can find what you need to create the perfect day and have it shipped directly to you. We highly recommend ordering early for special events such as weddings, to account for any unexpected delays, such as bad weather.

Sports and health supplies that are difficult to find are often able to be procured through Amazon and sent to Kenya, however there are laws and regulations that prohibit some popular products. Always double check our list of prohibited items before making your purchase. We are able to ship up to four bottles of dietary supplements that are capsules or tablets per customer. We are also able to ship up to four containers of protein powder, workout supplements, and other powdered dietary supplements per customer, but they must be 1KG (2.2 LBS) or less per container. All items must be factory sealed and unused/unopened. We cannot ship any prescription or over the counter medications.

Automotive parts and accessories are available as well, and many people choose to purchase everything they need for their car or motorcycle through Amazon and have it shipped to Kenya. With the exception of car and motorcycle batteries, nearly everything you would need can be sent over quickly.

Maternity, baby and kids items are another popular choice, with everything from maternity fashion items and disposable or reusable diapers to toys, clothes, shoes, furniture and games available on Amazon. Popular brands, such as Lego and Disney, are easily found, and often can be purchased at discounted prices. You can also find educational items, workbooks and activities for nearly any age range. Many children’s items are very light, making them perfect for quickly sending via air shipment in just 7 to 14 days.

Art, craft, and hobby supplies and instruments can also be found on Amazon and shipped to Kenya, allowing you to pursue your favorite hobbies. Brushes, canvases, wind and string instruments, and even DJ lighting and sound equipment is available. Please note that we cannot send aerosol cans or paint due to shipping restrictions.

How to shop on Amazon while in Kenya

To shop on Amazon while in Kenya, you can use Amazon Global to try to find products that ship directly to your location. However, many times products are only available to be shipped to the United States. To view what Amazon has available for shipment in the United States, simply visit their website and search for the items you are looking for.

Savo Store is able to help you procure your items, repackage and consolidate your purchases in order to ship more efficiently, and sends them directly to you, or you can pick up your shipment for no extra charge at our central warehouse in Kenya. If you are planning on making multiple purchases, we recommend buying the various items at one time, to save on shipping costs.

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Savo Store has two services to help you shop on Amazon:

1) Shipping Only

Our shipping only service is available to send products from Amazon to Kenya through our U.S. address. This option can be used for shipping via air or via sea, and we are able to consolidate your shipments or send them one at a time as they arrive at our warehouse, depending on your preference.

It is very straightforward to shop on Amazon and ship to Kenya using Savo Store’s shipping only option, even if you live outside of our delivery area. Follow the steps below to get started. 

  1. Create and sign into your Savo Store Account. This will give you access to your Savo Store United States checkout address. 
  2. Create and sign into your own Amazon Account, allowing you to search for your items. 
  3. Shop for your items on Amazon, using your Savo Store United States address at checkout. Take note of the tracking information once your order ships. 
  4. Provide Savo Store with your tracking information for all of your items. If items are being shipped in multiple packages, determine whether you would like to have Savo Store consolidate and repack your shipment to save on costs. 
  5. Savo Store will consolidate, ship and deliver the items directly to your location or to our centrally located warehouse to be picked up. 

2) Buy & Ship

If you would like to have Savo Store assist you in purchasing your products from Amazon, or from multiple vendors, we are happy to do so. Our buy and ship option makes it easy to choose what you want, without having to figure out different payment options and separate shipping costs, and you can use multiple vendors to create a single order.

All purchases made through our Buy and Ship option are fully insured. Not having to worry about anything except picking out the items you want makes Savo Store’s Buy and Ship option the easiest for those who want a stress free shopping experience. Follow the steps below to get started. 

  1. Choose any items online you would like to buy that are available in the United States and are not prohibited to be shipped to Kenya (you can find our list of prohibited and restricted items here). 
  2. Visit the Savo Store website to request a quote for the items you would like to purchase for you from Amazon and any other trusted vendors you would like to shop through. 
  3. Make your payment using 
  4. We purchase your requested items and have them sent to our United States address. 
  5. We consolidate, repack, and deliver your order to you via air or sea. 

What are the costs associated with shipping goods from Amazon to Kenya?

The costs of shipping parcels to Kenya and goods from Amazon to Kenya through Savo Store vary widely depending on what you are shipping and the method of shipment. Costs include the cost of the item or items you want to purchase, as well as the total shipping cost from the United States to Kenya. The shipping costs to Kenya will vary based on weight, volume, and whether you are shipping by air or by sea.

If the products on Amazon don’t offer free shipping in the United States, you may also have to pay the cost to ship the items to Savo Store’s US location. Additionally, all sales of goods in Kenya are subject to VAT at a rate of 16%. If you use the Savo Store Buy and Ship service, there is also a service fee, however for orders with a value of 100,000 KES or more, you can pay 50% when placing the order and the final 50% when the order arrives in Kenya.

It is always best to contact us to get the most accurate quote for shipping goods from Amazon to Kenya.

How long does it take to have the goods delivered in Kenya?

While we cannot give an accurate estimated delivery time without knowing what you are shipping, products from Amazon shipped through Savo Store typically arrive in 7 to 14 business days by air, and 30 to 60 days by sea.

We encourage you to order time-sensitive shipments, such as gifts and products for special events, well ahead of time. This way you will be prepared in case an unexpected delay occurs due to uncontrollable variables like bad weather or high volume (such as around the holidays). While delays are rare, we want to ensure our customers always have the shipments they need in time for an important day. 

Your Shipment is Safe With Savo Store 

Savo Store works hard to ensure we provide only the best customer service and shipping experience for our clients who want to shop on Amazon and ship to Kenya. We provide updates every step of the way, so you always know the status of your package, and fill out all the necessary paperwork to ensure a hassle-free customs process.

Create an account now and start shopping in the U.S. from the comfort of your home or office hassle-free.