Shipment Protection POLICY

Our Shipping Only service provides complimentary shipment protection on $100 of the value of your shipment. The maximum pay out in case of any damage or loss would $100. If your shipment has a value greater than $100, we do offer shipment protection against loss or damage at an additional cost.

The cost of shipment protection is 5% of the value of your shipment, with a minimum charge of $5.00. This protects your shipment against loss or damage while on transit from our U.S. warehouse to our Nairobi office. Please note that any order with shipment protection on it MUST be paid for in full before the order departs the US. As soon as you receive the full invoice inclusive of shipment protection and freight fees, you will need to make the full payment immediately.

Shipment protection is terminated upon collection of your order from our Nairobi office, or upon delivery to you by our sole contracted courier, Fargo Courier Limited.

In accordance with our RIDER LIABILITY AGREEMENT found in section 5(c) of our Terms & Conditions, if you send your own agent (a friend or an associate), a rider or a courier company to pick up your order from our Nairobi office, Savo Store will not be held liable for any items reported missing or damaged thereafter. Shipment protection is terminated as soon as your agent, rider or courier company takes possession of your order from our Nairobi office.

Our Shipment protection program does NOT cover goods or items that are not listed in your order. When you ship with us, you have an obligation to create an order on our website or to send us an email listing each and every item in your shipment. You cannot make a claim against an item that you had not listed in your order. It is therefore imperative that you ensure that you have listed each and every item in your order. By shipping with us, you agree that shipment protection does not cover any unlisted items.

Our Shipment protection program does NOT cover contraband goods, counterfeit goods, illegal goods, goods prohibited for transport by the vessel owner (carrier), any goods in our Prohibited items list, edible goods (food items), fragile goods made of glass, ceramics, porcelain, earthenware or stoneware, liquids (including fragrances, and lotions) goods that may get damaged due to pressurization or any goods that may leak or melt on transit.

Our Shipment protection program does NOT cover damage caused due to wrong electricity voltage or any other standardization requirements. The voltage requirement for Kenya is 240 volts. If you purchase and/or ship electronics with us that do not meet this voltage requirement, Savo Store cannot be held liable for any damage resulting from operating them. If you have any questions about our Shipment protection program, please email us

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