Save Big on every shipment to Kenya!

We're excited to introduce you to Savo Rewards, a loyalty program specially crafted by Savo Store to enrich your shipping experience. As a cherished member of our community, this program is our way of saying thank you. It's our way of ensuring that every time you choose Savo Store for your shipping needs, you're not just sending a package – you're earning rewards that count!

Here's what makes Savo Rewards special

1. Earn as You Ship: For every shipment, earn 5% back in Savo Rewards. For instance, spend $100 on shipping costs, and you'll get $5 back in rewards. This means the more you ship, the more you earn!
2. Watch Your Savings Grow: Your rewards accumulate, allowing you to build up significant savings over time. You can always check your current and lifetime balance in the Savo Rewards page of your Savo Store account.
3. Use your Rewards at Any time: Ready to cash in? Use your Savo Rewards to cover up to 30% of the shipping cost of any future order. For example, if your next order costs $100 to ship, you can pay up to $30 with your accumulated rewards, provided you have enough in your account.

Quick Example

1. You ship a package with us, and the total shipping cost line item is $100.
2. After the package is delivered to you in Kenya, you will automatically earn $5 in Savo Rewards.
3. When paying for your next order, you can reduce your payment by applying these rewards! You can pay up to 30% of the shipping cost of an order using Savo Rewards.
4. You have to apply Savo Rewards on your account when making payment for an order by M-Pesa or credit/debit card. Our team members are not able to apply rewards for you on your account.

How do you benefit from Savo Rewards?

Immediate Savings: Start saving from your very first shipment, and every other shipment after that.

Never pay full price: Your loyalty means discounted shipping, every time.

Track your rewards easily: Keep an eye on your savings directly in your Savo Store account.

Maximize your Savings on Big Shipments: You have the flexibility to strategically save and use your rewards only on specific shipments. Consider accumulating rewards and applying them to your larger shipments. This approach is especially beneficial as it allows you to significantly reduce costs on those large shipments.

Ready to Start?

Every shipment to Kenya with Savo Store is an opportunity to save. Let your next order be the start of never paying full price again. You earn rewards with every order, and use the rewards to pay for any future order whenever you want.

Got Questions about our rewards program? We are here to help. Hit the live chat button or text us on Whatsapp. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist.