Delivery Details

You can either pick up your order from our office in Nairobi, or we can deliver it to you. Delivery must be scheduled at the time of creating your order in your Savo Store Account.

Delivery in Nairobi is executed next day after the arrival of your order at the airport, or within a day or two to most other parts of the country. If you select delivery, once your order arrives in Kenya it will be transported directly from the airport to you.

Delivery Cost

We have a flat shipping rate for delivery anywhere in Kenya. We deliver orders to any city in Kenya at a rate of $3.00 (375 KES) per order for the first 5 KGs and an additional $0.60 (75 KES) per KG for each additional KG after the first 5 KGs. If you choose to have your order delivered, these costs will be automatically calculated on your invoice based on the chargeable weight of your order. Local delivery fees are payable together with the cost of shipping from the U.S.A to Kenya. Once your order is processed, you will receive an invoice showing both the U.S. to Kenya freight fee as well as the local delivery fee.