About Us

Savo Store is an African e-commerce and procurement platform designed to give Africans direct access to the wide variety of goods available in the US.

Through our platform, our customers can acquire products sold by any large US retailers such as Amazon.com, Walmart, and Macy’s, as well as products from small to medium-sized specialty goods stores across the US. We provide consumers and businesses in Africa with direct access to more than 600 million products available in the US marketplace.

Our website enables a consumer in Africa to place an order and securely pay for it with much ease and convenience. We then acquire the product from the respective merchant and ship it directly to the customer’s home. The customer may also opt to collect the product from one of our many local pick up locations. By providing an end-to-end service, we save our customers the hassle of dealing with the difficulties that arise from shopping on US online stores while in Africa.

At this time, Savo Store is available in Kenya - the largest economy in East Africa and home to one of the fastest growing middle class populations in the world. Our growth plan involves expanding our services to other countries on the African continent.

Why use Savo Store?

The U.S. online store you wish to buy from doesn't accept your credit card?                                                                

Savo Store carries out all financial transactions on your behalf thus allowing you to access ANY products from ANY store in the U.S.

The online store you wish to buy from doesn't ship to addresses outside the US?

Savo Store solves this problem by purchasing goods on your behalf, and safely shipping them to your destination via air freight. Due to freight forwarding agreements with various airlines and freight carriers, we are able to save our customers over 50% in international shipping costs.

By joining Savo Store you can use our U.S. Address as your shipping address for FREE.

Some online stores may accept foreign credit cards but cannot ship to addresses outside the US. To solve this problem, we can provide you with our US address to use as your shipping address when you make purchases online using your own credit card. As soon as we receive your goods, we then forward them to your destination. To find out how to get our US address, click here.

Customs clearance is made very simple with Savo Store.

How? Because we do it all for you. Savo Store ensures that you are well informed about the customs fees payable on your purchase, BEFORE you make the purchase. This avoids any costly surprises after a purchase has been made. The total cost quoted for delivering your order to you always includes the exact customs fees payable (if any), as well as a shipping fee. We GUARANTEE that you will pay nothing more than the total amount quoted for delivery of your order.

At Savo Store, we've aligned our entire organization around one mission: to deliver to our customers any products available from any merchants in the US.