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Shipping to Kenya: How to Ship Goods From the USA to Kenya in 2021

Purchasing goods from the United States and having them shipped to Kenya without assistance from a specialist can be costly, time consuming and complicated. There are numerous laws and regulations to be considered, as well as the process of actually consolidating, packaging and shipping, especially if you are purchasing goods from multiple vendors.

Savo Store streamlines the process of shipping goods from the USA to Kenya, and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your products are in good hands. Our guide will help you understand your options so you can make informed shipping decisions.

The Shipping Industry in Kenya

There are many reasons why you may need to ship goods and parcels to kenya. Whether you are making personal purchases, or if you are purchasing goods wholesale as a retailer or distributor, Savo Store is able to assist you in purchasing, consolidating, packing and mailing your items, whether by air or by sea.

Savo Store offers multiple options for receiving items as well, so you can select items from various online merchants (including Amazon) in the United States and have items shipped to our office in Nairobi or delivered directly to you, depending on your locale.

However, due to laws and regulations, not everything can be shipped to Kenya. The government restricts certain items from entering the country altogether. Below is a short list of items you should be aware of before trying to procure them yourself from the US to Kenya. This list includes many of the most requested items that are unable to be shipped to Kenya, but is not all-encompassing.

Prohibited Important to Kenya 

Not every item can be imported into Kenya from the United States (or any other country). Below is a list of some of the common items that are prohibited or restricted from importation.

Note: Savo Store complies with all governmental regulations on imported goods.

Weapons and Chemicals

  • Controlled substances
  • Firearms*
  • Ammunition*
  • Bows & Arrows*
  • Explosives*
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Tasers

Personal Items

  • Cosmetics containing mercury
  • Pornographic items or adult toys
  • Matches
  • Items that have been genetically modified
  • Supplemental gummies
  • Prescription or OTC drugs

Other items

  • Used tires for commercial use
  • Ivory, furs, or animal skins
  • Counterfeit currency
  • Historical artefacts
  • Live organisms

*These items require a permit, but note that having a permit does not mean that Savo Store can ship these items.

Remember, these are not exhaustive lists. It is always recommended that you check with the government website here about the most current regulations. For more information on items restricted or prohibited from import that Savo Store does not ship, click here or email us at for more clarification. 

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What Savo Store Does For You 

We Buy Goods On Your Behalf From Your Preferred Online US Retailer

Savo Store can serve as your liaison to help you get what you want from stores in the United States. We can help you find, purchase, pack and ship any item that is not prohibited by law. You are able to select what you want to purchase through multiple vendors, and Savo Store will purchase, consolidate, pack and ship your items directly to you, hassle free. If you are a retailer or distributor, find out more about our partnership opportunities

We Ship by Air 

Shipping freight by air saves a lot of time, as items typically arrive much sooner than by sea. If you want to ensure your order arrives as quickly as possible (typically in just 7 to 14 days), shipping by air is the best option, when applicable. To save even more money, Savo Store can help to pack and consolidate items efficiently in order to minimize costs.

What is Consolidation in Air Shipping?

Consolidation in air shipping means that if you are using Savo Store to purchase items from multiple vendors, your shipper will safely consolidate your goods so that your delivery arrives in the fewest possible packages.

Consolidated shipping reduces cost and increases shipping efficiency. When placing your orders with Savo Store through our Shipping Only tool, you can provide instructions on whether to consolidate and repack your order or to ship each item one at a time as your order arrives in our warehouse.

Ship Goods by Sea

Sometimes it’s much more efficient to ship items via ocean freight, depending on the weight and number of items you’ve ordered. We will always make sure you’re aware of your shipping options so that you can make the most informed decisions that are right for you.

Most of the time, bulk, wholesale, oversized items and palettes cost considerably less to send by sea. This method of shipping takes longer than by air, but is typically the best option for large orders. Savo Store is experienced with shipping cargo by ship, so we are able to ensure the entire experience is as efficient as possible, including the customs process. 


The way items are grouped together and packaged has an impact on both the speed of shipping and the cost. In many cases, it would be wise to repackage goods, rather than send them in the original box. This saves you money by eliminating excess weight and bulk. If you prefer to have your order shipped in the original packaging, you can rest assured that Savo Store will always find out your preferences before packaging, repackaging, or consolidating your order. 

What is Air Cargo Repackaging?

Air cargo repackaging is the process of carefully unpacking your orders as they arrive in our warehouse, and repackaging them to ensure they are cushioned and packed in the most efficient manner. When Savo Store repackages your items, we take care to ensure that your items have adequate protection and arrive undamaged, while eliminating extra packaging and bulk that may increase the cost of your shipment.

Can Every Item Be Repackaged and Consolidated for Air Freight?

No. Unfortunately, not all orders can be repackaged and consolidated for air cargo. Depending on the weight and contents of your order, your items may need to be transported by cargo ship. Some parts of your order may ship separately if requested, but typically we package them together.

For questions about desired orders, specific items, or timing, contact us, and one of our helpful representatives will assist you with your order. 

Wholesale and Bulk Shipping Capabilities 

If you’re needing to buy wholesale or large quantities of an item, we are able to assist you. Contact us to learn more about our wholesale and bulk shipping rates and capabilities. We even have partnership opportunities for companies and organizations involved in procurement for SMEs, Corporations, NGOs or Government Agencies, as well as consumer products, wholesale distribution and retail. 

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Even More Reasons Why Use Savo Store to Ship Goods from USA to Kenya

Savo Store is one of the most trusted shipping services for sending goods from the USA to Kenya. We provide East African consumers, businesses and organizations with direct access to well over 600 million products available throughout the US marketplace. We have worked hard to build our reputation and earn the business of our customers. Some of the reasons our clients choose us are: 

Real-Time Status Notifications

Savo Store keeps you up-to-date with the movement of your items so that you receive updates each time your purchase or shipment changes in status, and when you can expect it to arrive. You will receive notifications when your goods are purchased, if applicable, as well as when they arrive at our shipping center, when they are sent out to you, and when they arrive at your requested destination. As soon as your shipment is available for pickup or delivery, you will receive an email, and one of our staff members will reach out to you to schedule a pickup or delivery time that is convenient for you. 

Dedicated Support Team 

You may have a lot of questions and concerns when ordering products from the United States to have shipped to Kenya. With Savo Store, you can call on us to answer any and all questions before, during, and after your purchase. Our dedicated support team is here to help you. And since all of our shipments are fully insured against loss or damage while in transit, you won’t have to worry about the long journey. Your items are in good hands with Savo Store. 

Simplifying Clearance Through Customs 

The customs process in any country is notorious for causing delays, extra fees, and even occasionally causing packages to not show up at all. Savo Store helps to simplify the process of clearing your shipment through customs. We make sure that every shipment is properly packed, labeled, and documented so there are no unnecessary delays. 

You Can Choose Direct Delivery or a Central Pickup Location 

Sometimes people need goods shipped, but the delivery location is too far to have it mailed directly to the desired address. If you aren’t in our delivery area, you are able to pick up your parcels at a central warehouse location, which allows you to make an appointment to ensure your packages are ready for you, making it easy to get what you need, no matter where you live. Our goal is to create a stress free, streamlined user experience, which keeps our customers coming back again and again. 

What are the Costs Associated with Shipping Goods to Kenya?

The costs associated with shipping goods to Kenya vary due to the size and weight of the shipment, the method of shipping, how you are purchasing your items, and many other factors. To get an accurate quote for how much a shipment would cost, please contact our support team.

How long does it take to have goods from the United States delivered to Kenya?

While we cannot give an accurate shipping estimate without knowing more about what is being sent, the majority of shipments arrive in 7 to 14 days by air, and 30 to 60 days by sea. Keep in mind that shipping times vary based on the quantity, weight, size, and type of goods, as well as whether we use air or sea. It is best to contact our support staff to get the most accurate estimated delivery time. 

Acceptable Payment Methods

We accept payment via cash deposit or bank transfer to our account at Stanbic Bank, and via m-Pesa only. You can find more information about payment here. We are working on adding more payment options to our website soon, including credit cards and mobile options. Please check back for updated information. 

Can I Buy Items Directly from Amazon? 

Amazon is a great way to get items you can’t get locally in Kenya. Often you’ll find they also have a great price compared to what you can find in Kenya. Amazon also guarantees many of their items, so you can avoid buying counterfeit or substandard products. 

In addition to Amazon itself, Savo Store is able to order and ship products from many other trusted US-based stores and vendors, and you can save money by placing a single order through multiple vendors, to be consolidated, packaged, and shipped all at once. You can also order items that are not offered for shipment outside the United States, whether or not they accept your credit card. To place an order through Savo Store, you follow the steps listed here

The Savo Store Difference 

Savo Store is experienced in buying personal and wholesale items from the US to ship to Kenya easily and efficiently. Our professional team is on call to take away all the headaches and hassles that make the procurement and shipping process difficult. Confidently order anything you need and Savo Store will do the rest!

If you simply need to ship your items without purchasing goods, we can help you! Send your items to our physical address, and we can consolidate, pack and ship it for you by air or sea. All of our shipments are fully insured against loss or damage while in transit, so you can have peace of mind. Contact Savo Store for a quote today!

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