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If you would like us to consolidate multiple packages, click on Add Another Tracking Number below to add the tracking number for each package you’d like consolidated.  All packages entered into this particular entry will be consolidated and shipped together, after each and every item arrives at our US warehouse.
Unless you want your packages to be shipped individually, do NOT create a new order entry for each package. If you do so, each package will be shipped individually and will be billed individually. You can always edit this entry to add more packages to it by clicking on ADD/EDIT TRACKING DETAILS in your Savo Store Account. 
Please do not enter the same tracking number twice below. Each tracking number should be entered once only. Before contacting us about the status of the tracking number(s) you enter here, please login to your Savo Store to see if the tracking number has already been marked as RECEIVED at our US warehouse. Note that perfume will be shipped on the last Wednesday of the month.

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